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Networking & Meetings

Bawdon Lodge Farm is a great place to network & meet!

Get together with clients, meet 1-2-1 with associates or attend one of the following events coming up at the farm.

Or why not take a walk around the woodland whilst chatting over a project?


Top 3 FAQs

Can I work at the farm?

Yes! all we ask is that you purchase drinks and food throughout your duration.  So if you are popping in for an hour - a coffee is fine.  If you wanted to stay all day then we would expect you to purchase drinks regularly and lunch. We're sure you'll be tempted by our amazing cakes too.  Please also sit a table suitable to your party size (eg don't sit alone on a table big enough for six people!). We do get busy at peak times so if you are not purchasing or supporting; please do not be offended if our team ask you to purchase further or move to another area. Many restaurants put set times in place for tables and whistl we want to support you please respect our business too, thank you. 

Can I plug my laptop in?

We recommend charging your devices fully before arriving. We have limited sockets available and as an old barn; some are not suitable for use. Please respect our team and ask permission from our team rather than assuming it's ok to plug in.  We all know that electricity prices have gone up and let's be honest - the cost of a cup of coffee doesn't cover what we have to pay in electricity currently.   Any electrical items requiring to be plugged in need to be PAT tested. 


Do you have a meeting space?

We do not have a private meeting space currently, but many tables are located well apart from others and weekday afternoons do tend to be the quietest time. pease check our events page just in case we have something on on the day ou plan to visit. 


Private Corporate Hire

If you are looking for a space for an away day or meeting / networking event please drop us an email. We have availability on Mondays (when we are usually closed) and early weekday evenings.  Please note though that we would not close the Gift & Coffee Shop during opening times for a private event.   

We do not host Christmas Parties in the evening. 

Drop us an email at with your requirements.

Forthcoming Events

We are just in the midst of working on an existing collaboration. Watch this space for further details.

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