Piece of Mind on your Wedding Day

September 25, 2017

 Piece of Mind on your Wedding Day - what price would you put on it?


Amanda Forman Photography

When we first meet with potential clients we take them one of our 'Showaround Tours'.  This is where we walk you around the farm, show you the farm layout and the car park (which is free to guests, lit at night, managed by our Guest Assistants AND guests can leave cars overnight). We show you where your structure could sit for the best positioning of  all your activities, where guests may camp (and where the best place is for you to put your tent for a bit of privacy!) and of course, where you can have your ceremony and get those oh so fabulous images under our great Oak Tree.  We then invite you into our office to discuss your wish list over a cuppa and some homemade brownies.


Christopher Terry Photography


We talk through what we offer (including all the logistics that you need to consider  for an outdoor wedding celebration - don't worry though - we take care of managing these for you) and detail your journey with us to your wedding day including three personal wedding planning meetings, VIP events, wine & beverage tasting evenings and our popular open days.  


We offer advice, suggestions and referrals based on what you say you would like and we send you away with a million things to consider; reassuring you that we are on the end of the phone/email with the inevitable questions you have on your way home!


What's really hard to put into words is just what we do here at Bawdon Lodge Farm during your hire period.  Although we