You've Said 'Yes'. Now What...

February 9, 2017


So he's finally asked you and you have that sparkly little number on your finger! Now What?! Your heads buzzing with where to start. Obvious first port of call is the paper shop for a few bridal magazines to ponder over the beautiful expensive gowns with a cuppa and a biccy... just to give you a few ideas you say to him, but really you have the whole thing planned in your head already and have done for years right? 


I remember the feeling well, and I remember the sheer shock of doing an enquiry for a luxury barn I’d always liked the look of... 


Here's when my OCD and love for spreadsheets actually came in handy! Sad I know, but my wedding spreadsheet proved to be the most useful tool! (This could also be replicated in a pretty notebook with good old biro if you aren't spreadsheet literate.) 



Tip Number 1…





Start with your total budget figure and have a go at breaking it down. I would suggest plotting a rough idea about how much you would like to pay for each part. From food, napkins and dress, to venue, cars, cake… go on give it a go; It's just a rough guess. 



This is the start of your list and by the time you get married will have probably quadrupled (at least) in size with all the little things you wouldn't even have thought of...



There are some great lists on the internet or wedding planning books which will give you a great start into list making but your favourite tool… Pinterest is probably best for starting points.


On the spreadsheet I kept a track of deposits and balances to pay later down the line as well as adding guest lists and actual spends against each thing on the list, for some that may be too much but I did quite like keeping track of where I came in under budget but not so much over!



Sorry i should have made this tip number 1 not 2 but we all know how you will have got carried away with the list making so its ok to admit this slipped your mind…


Tip number 2…  Talk to your fiancé


How do they see your wedding day? Now i know its easy to forget but its your finance’s day as much as it is yours! Yes you will have it planned in your head but it may just change your mind on certain factors if you fiancé has a different idea. 


 - Do you want a 3 course meal?

 - Do you want pizza and crepe vans?

 - Traditional or Different?

 - Seat covers or not?

 - Formal or informal?

 - Indoor or outdoor?

 - England or Abroad?



Knowing what you are both thinking will help to clear the air from the start and ensure you're both on the same page.

Yes you will disagree on somethings,

some eventually you will agree on but remember like the secret to a happy marriage (so i am told) is compromise!

If he really wants a fire pit in the tipi, let him…



Once you have a rough idea of the type of wedding you are both after this should help to narrow your search criteria, first and foremost , The Venue….


Photo Images by Liam Keown of Keown Photo









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