Introducing our Blogging Bride, Dani

January 20, 2017


Hi there, So I’m Dani,


I have been asked to Guest Blog for Lynn & Richard at Bawdon Lodge Farm where Jordan and I celebrated our wedding in 2015.


Now, throughout my posts you may notice some bias opinions but over time you will see why I am, as this is more than just a field on a farm, its not just people running a business and why you are not just another wedding to them you are a couple of humans in love! (Ahhh).










I promise to bring you a true account of what its like being a bride from the very beginning (and the feeling of not knowing where to start), followed by the planning, actually enjoying your day - even if something isn't quite right (and no it doesn't matter the bus company got the 9 upside down so it was a 6 instead even though you choose a 9 for a reason as you've been together 9 years… and breatheeee) right through to the Wedding Blues post honeymoon!  


 Of course you will hear about all this in more detail over the blogs but to give you an idea, our wedding was what I would class as an informal, vintage themed tipi wedding with an outdoor ceremony under the tree at Bawdon Lodge. Eclectic, slightly un-traditional but perfect in every way to us. We had a budget and therefore we created lots of aspects of the wedding with help from websites, blogs and Pinterest - aka a brides best friend! 







In all honestly its one of the most stressful and expensive things you will ever do but its worth every second and every penny. So stick around for the journey and hopefully I might just give you some ideas, reassurance and laughter along the way… 

All images by Liam Keown of  Keown Photo